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Seattle, the largest city in the Northwest Pacific region, is the county seat of King County and is situated in the state of Washington. With a population of around 3.4 million it is the fifteenth largest metropolitan area of United States. The city is very important from economic perspective.

It has a major sea port which is located on a narrow isthmus between Puget Sound and Lake Washington. As per the reports in 2010 it was the third busiest port of United States after Los Angles and New York respectively. It also serves as the main gateway for carrying trade with Asia.

As far as the economy of the city is concerned, it is an amalgamation of industrial companies and the new information and technology firms. The gross metropolitan product of the city stood around $231 billion in the year 2010 making it the twelfth largest metropolitan economy of the country. The Seattle Port is eighth largest port of United States. The country basically trades with Asia from this port. In recent years, a series of economic developments have paved the way for more and more business entrepreneurs to commence their business in the city. Gradually the city is gaining the reinforced strength in the financial sector. The US Government has already decided to make Seattle North America’s climate-neutral city where the target is to achieve zero per capita greenhouse emissions by 2030.

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