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Ontario is one of those provinces of Canada which are located in the east-central zone of the country. It is one of the populous provinces and according to the area it is the fourth largest territory. Toronto and the Canadian capital Ottawa are situated in this province only. Manitoba is situated towards its west, Hudson Bay and Quebec in the north. To the south it shares its common border with the US states of Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

It is sometimes conceptually divided into Northern and Southern Ontario. The Canadian Shield is situated towards the North West and Central region. It is not amiable for agricultural purpose but the belt is very rich in minerals. The climate of the region is basically warm and humid.

Ontario is Canada’s leading manufacturing province. It is the largest producer of automobiles in North America and also the biggest business partners of American state Michigan. The Ontario Government showed a fiscal deficit of $C20.7 billion for the year 2009 -10 which is expected to increase to C$220 billion by the year 2011-12. It will account to around to 37% of the gross domestic product. The region is also known for electricity generation. About fifty percent of nuclear power and thirty nine percent of hydro electricity power is generated from this place. It also supplies electricity to the neighboring states of Michigan and Ohio. There is an abundance of natural resources and the transport links other regions makes it easy for raw material supply. The important products include iron and steel, food, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical and paper.

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