PPC services

PPC or Pay Per Click is an extremely effective marketing tool where only the target audience sees your ad so you have to pay only if somebody clicks on your website. Hence, the service is very direct and authentic.

First Page Ticket provides the following features in the PPC domain:

Website Analysis

A thorough analysis is done on the amount that you should be spending on the PPC campaign. The first place is not always good when it comes to the expenses and worth the returns you would get. We help you to maximize your Return On Investment with the best bid strategy.

Relevant Keywords:

It is essential to select the right keywords for the campaign to be successful as it is precisely for those words that you spend the money. Our keywords are appropriate and reliable to make sure that the targeted web users can easily view your website in the correct search.


By choosing keywords that the web users target the most and yet are not competitive, our cost per click is fairly low. To optimize return on investment, we use 80:20 rule to the best.

Attractive Design and Headings

Our headings are designed attractively and have appealing taglines for the users to click on the website when the ad is displayed.

Placing Bids

We have your monthly budget in mind and so we lay smart bids. Our research is extensive for the appropriate keywords to ensure that the desired results are obtained at the lowest possible cost.


Your PPC Ad campaign operation is constantly tracked by us. This enables instant response and we can modify the key words so that your requirements can be met.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking can be provided if you want. For clients who already have conversion tracking mechanisms, we can work with their present systems to fuse with theirs.

We have an equal understanding of the policies and the PPC rules on Google and Yahoo!