SEO Guarantee

Quality. Consistency. Substance. Value – that’s what you will get from us; we guarantee!

But we know that works speak louder than words. So, if you want to test our skills and judge for yourselves – you are more than welcome to do so. We understand that you, as a client, are looking for a long-term, risk-free business relationship. The point is; as your SEO service providers, so are we.

We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our SEO services within a period of 30 days. Our services are backed by this guarantee. Worried what’s the catch in it? Nothing! It is notable, though, that SEO is a process – a time-consuming one at that. Within the first 30 days you can hardly see any results regarding the keyword ranking. Still, within that period, if you analyze our work and are dissatisfied with our approach; you can claim for a refund. Then again; you can choose to take the refund or allow us some more time to achieve the desired results.

We provide this 30 day refund guarantee as we have full confidence in our efficiency. However, as said earlier, SEO is a process, not magic. Besides a careful and strategic approach, the quality work takes a considerable amount of time. Violation of any of the recommended techniques from either side can cause the project to suffer a setback.

Our money back guarantee includes the adjustment of the cost of the used man-hours. This cost is carried on until the day you file the refund request. It is undeniable that project administration requires planning, knowledge, technology, reporting and backend SEO job and these are converted into man-hours. A fair charge is estimated for all these services and it is adjusted with the cost of the unused hours. It means:

  • You will get back 100 per cent money for the unused hours.
  • You will get back 30 per cent of the cost of used man-hours.
  • The cost is carried forward till the day you file the refund request and your request must be filed within a span of 30 days of us commencing the work.

Of course, we will give our best efforts to meet your expectations. Despite that, if you are dissatisfied with our services within a month, you may choose to get your money back.